Tuesday, April 03, 2012

photo by antonius lo

this past friday was a great evening.  thank you friends, for coming and supporting either with your words or your presence at COOPER COLE.  i will take your good words and wishes with me into the next few months as i prepare for a new journey.

a big thank you also to those that could not be present, but reached out to me personally to send their good vibrations and support.

a lot of love to my patrons and new collectors that believe in me and allow me to keep doing what i do.

last but not least, thank you for the press around the internet, in particular, daily du jour, hi-fructose and arrested motion.  special thanks to individuals that retweeted, shared, posted about the show on your social networks and blogs.

if you haven't had a chance to see the show it will be up for another month.  though i thought it was clear, some people told me they hadn't realized there was an edition available at the show.  it's also available online.
i collaborated with darkmatters, a group of cool cats from toronto that make high-quality art multiples with attention to quality and craftsmanship.  stimulate toronto and support your local, small ventures.

please feel free to post photos of the show on the page or share links if you've got them.

thanks again.


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