Monday, March 26, 2012

in the near past-present,

this friday, march 30, 2012, i will be opening my third solo show with COOPER COLE gallery in toronto, canada. i have all new paintings and a sculpture that is a continuation of my exploration of music, time, myth and our identities as physical and spiritual form. working on these pieces was both a kind nostalgia and devotional exercise as it was my return to oil painting in over ten years.

i hope you can come see the works in person and say hi. it would be nice to catch up with some old friends and make some new ones that night. there is also a small, sculptural edition that has been released in conjunction with the show, you'll find that and more information about the show, [here].

the edition can be purchased online, [here]

also, a big thank you goes out to darkmatters and leah ataide for all their incredible effort to making the don't say, dansé, edition a reality. we were able to work timely together, and they are a great example of what a small team and strong passion for quality can do. the editions and their packaging are entirely local. thank you, guys, again.



cherylshoe said...

Stumbled on to your show a couple years ago at Show&Tell and it was incredible. Will grab friends and drop by this week - really looking forward to seeing your new work!

_ said...

thank you, cheryl.