Monday, October 31, 2011

my first time in europe in a decade, and my very first european solo show ended up being a great deal more exciting and successful than i could have ever anticipated. the opening had a nice turnout and people were very engaging- it was nice to hear the perspectives of art and life outside of north america. amsterdam as a city itself was alive and beautiful. it was refreshing to walk around and the weather happened to be the best. i was really impressed by the history and culture- and the trams.

i returned to toronto on friday night after a seven-hour flight and being delayed at the gate at schipol for an extra 90 minutes. it ended up being more fun than it sounds. mind over matter, my friends- i was not bored or angry, but rather amused. travelling will always teach you something new.

a great big thank you to robbert and willy of jaski art gallery for being so gracious and taking care of me throughout the entire process leading up to the show and during my stay. thanks also to the gallery crew, the new friends i met, nate, sean and my good friends amanda and joe for coming all the way from this side of the world and meeting me there. thanks for all the support and good wishes from you guys on the internets, it still means a lot.

here is some available work. and of course, i took a healthy amount of photos that you can find at my flickr. enjoy.


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Christina Conway said...

Congratulations on all your hard work and exciting travels! The collection is so much fun!