Tuesday, August 30, 2011

a few nights ago, i had a conversation with a friend over dinner and we talked about poetry, life and making art. we talked about making the mark that makes each moment momentous.

it's always a weird thing, when you know something, understand it, but it takes on a different life when realized in a good conversation- the words in the air, released to the world. that moment, you can't help but phase out of the conversation for a second because things just came together in a way you always knew, but not in that way. my friend is a writer, but the beauty of art is that it transcends mediums- even, as i'm realizing more and more, what we traditionally call the arts.

sorry if i've ever phased out of a conversation with any of you, but take it as a compliment.


i was told to, "have fun", tonight. it sometimes slips away, but the people who love you most never forget to remind you.


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