Friday, June 10, 2011

a few nights ago i was biking. it started out as a familiar ride through a combination of the little tokyo back-alleys and the annex. i rode faster and faster and faster, but with less and less effort.
the dusk around me melted into warm darkness, like a chocolate something, and out of it stars began to shine. it felt like flying, but my legs were still pedalling, definitely.

this time of year, a sort of listlessness and ennui always comes to visit.
with every year, mixed with it, more memories and some sort of yearning for what, no one could even know.

but it's also the time of year when dreams come true. after looking for so long, today i found a portable, yellow, big bird record player at my value village. i guess i didn't specifically want a portable, yellow, big bird record player from my value village, but now that it sits beside me playing sade in surprisingly good mono- it seems kind of right that it's happening right now, not earlier and not later.

that's how most things play out, almost ambiguously- and even resisting in some ways.

one of my goals for the end of summer is to make a thousand things. or at least a tenth of that, or at least, maybe, a tenth of that.
who ever knows with the thundering storms and when you can't tell where lingering shower water ends and newly beading sweat begins.


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