Friday, May 20, 2011

well, it has been some time since the last. how are you all doing? spring is leading right into summer, even if the weather seems a bit bipolar at times.
what projects are we working on? what is in the air?

mmm, besides cherry blossoms.

someone name koh started coming to the studio for some reason. he says he's trying to figure out what his favourite food is.

so far, i think he likes jerk chicken best.

i'm trying to figure some things out, open to help from some external sou/forces. down for whatever, really.

what's that saying, can't miss the forest for the trees..? sometimes my eyes play tricks on me.

sometimes going to shows at night help open your eyes. sometimes the night is not so kind.

but still, we get jazzy-


..bananas, even.

i've also been doing a lot of cooking. it's a new-found love- rekindled actually, maybe because i have a decent sized kitchen to work in now- and can have friends over for dinner. we had dinner a few nights ago- nataly and chris brought me gifts.

fang kill, guys.

some fun projects also- maybe more details as the summer unfolds. maybe not, mayne bot.

outgoing male. >>>>>>>


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