Thursday, April 07, 2011

thank you.

photo courtesy of antonius lo

thank you to those that made it out to my show, M∆PS at show & tell gallery this last friday. thanks also to those that sent me good wishes through facebook, emails, etc., it means just as much.

like last year, i was overwhelmed with the people that came out to say hi and share their stories with me. i hope that you all took something home with you that night, maybe something in one of the paintings, or at the very least, a nice conversation.

photo courtesy of show & tell gallery

it's back to he studio with me as i have another show to prepare for in the fall, but not before i settle in to the new place. i've had so much mulling about inside, hopefully i get a chance to make some of those things reality soon.

a special thanks to my patrons and collectors who make biocartography a thriving pursuit. i promise to venture far and wide and bring you the best in my charting and recording.


on another note, due to the move and the show, i have not had a chance to do the dailies. please forgive me- i am getting ready for possibly another run.


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