Wednesday, April 20, 2011

M∆PS postcard booklet

the show has a week and a half left. it has been a really great experience as usual and i have to thank again everyone who has dropped in even after the opening, sent me good wishes and nice words.

i wanted to remind/tell some of you that might have seen or not, about the postcard set show & tell and i put together for this show. it includes eleven postcards, including the cover- and i drew on the backs of each set. they are $20 each and are available with show & tell gallery, or if you're more comfortable dealing with me- let me know, and i can get some set aside for you.

we thought these'd be great to take apart and hand to friends, or send to people abroad- also nice for a little frame too. something affordable to inject art into our daily lives. thanks for your support.


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