Friday, March 18, 2011

thank you.

Picture 3

thanks to everybody who contributed to the goccos that allowed us to donate $580 to red cross for japan relief:

daniel addelson
heidi alamanda
katrin artner
ramille baguio
raymond chan
erika danusasmita
amanda erlanson
maryann erlanson
robert french
yanick gagnon
andy lam
jennifer liu
antonius & jennie lo
jeremy moneta
liezel nucup
elisabeth sulistio
keiichi tomizawa
darin unke
bryan & helen wong
michael wong
joe wu

the last few days have given me a lot of hope and faith in people. even those who could not donate, sent me a lot of love and good wishes- let's send them towards japan together and hope that things get better as soon as they can.

there is not enough i can say to express my gratitude in your support for this cause.

if you're not done giving, there are other things happening with art and artists:

with japan

have a great weekend and thanks again.

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Anonymous said...

blessings to all!