Wednesday, March 16, 2011



today's daily is a bit more important as i hope to encourage a bit of help from you. these are gocco prints, a process of card-making that is used by many in japan.
i hope that this print can help in the rebuilding of the regions affected by the earthquakes and tsunami.

it's a 4 x 6", two-colour print on stained stonehenge paper.
the edition size is 30.
if you'd like one, please donate a minimum of $10 + shipping and handling. if you'd like to donate more, bless your heart- i might send you a little something extra.
100% of proceeds will go to redcross to aid japan.

together, we can raise at least $300 to donate. you guys helped raise $580 collectively with your generosity.
thanks and thanks again for giving so willingly.


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