Saturday, January 29, 2011

a lot of times i can't get proper rest because i dream so much. it may sound like a weird thing, but it's almost as if i live another life in my sleep. sometimes it is one long life, other nights it's a hundred.

last night i even dreamt that i told a loved one, in desperation, that i dreamt way too much.

mostly, i love it, but i find myself out of it when i'm awake- in the real world. i even sometimes wonder if some of my memories are dreams- and if it's possible that some of my dreams are memories of another life.


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Diantres said...

happens to me too.
and is like living a very exciting life, i'm always dissapoint when i wake up.
maybe is a warning to make my real life better, but some things (like commanding an anti-zombie gang in a post apocalyptic world) can't make it happen.