Wednesday, September 01, 2010

on monday, i had a long talk with simon and nimit over some lin garden take-out. if you don't know what that is, just look at the obscure joy on simon's face and see if it's worth a google. not sure how, but a facebook page was born that day. in any case, if you like me, show me how much.
just kidding, you don't have to.

nature really knows how to sock it to you. the end of summer is marked here in toronto with an extreme heatwave. the kind of extremity usually reserved for mountain dew-ers, (is that joke still funny anymore?).

today though, was beautiful. i had a nice walk enjoying the heat and a cool breeze. at this point, i know it will be but a matter of eye-blinks before i'm taking out the long-sleeves and toques, (that's beanies for my american friends). so i'll enjoy it while i can.

when i moved i was gifted, as a house-warming present- a small, leafy, magenta-coloured plant. it has suffered the occasional neglect from me, especially if i am away for a long weekend. still, i somehow manage to catch it before it dries up.
i pour on the water, and it's a miracle to see how fast this thing can go from wilting and lazily hanging over the pot, to as if it never wanted for more. it lives by the window, so it can get some sun and be close to its extended family of swaying trees right outside it.

i came across two people from my long past this week. they were both the most surreal experiences i've had in a while. i felt almost as if, i was visiting a world long lost.

it's so easy to just want to lie around in this crazy heat. but luckily i have some things that need my love. who knew prince's diamonds and pearls could sound so quaint as a jazz rendition? i used to sing that song all the time.


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