Friday, September 10, 2010

my good friends ed and yoskay are having a show at roq la rue tonight! i was asleep and it crept up on me.
regardless, you should check out the preview of the work.. it is looking too nice.

i wish i could be there- but hopefully the good vibrations will be felt.
ganbatte yosk and ed!!

also- if you don't know about it already, one of my old mentors, sam weber is having a trio show at the society of illustrators NY. i haven't seen anything, but i bet it'll be amazing.

finally, my toronto homebase, show & tell gallery, is opening a solo show by dan bergeron aka fauxreel. dan is a staple of toronto's street art scene- he's showing in museums already.

i will be there to see what he's come up with for the show. be there or be a box.

go tonight! fly coast to coast to see these great shows!


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