Monday, August 09, 2010

though i have been working steadily throughout this year, i realize that my internet updates are not as regular as i normally try to keep them.
part of the reason this is is that i'm in the midst of painting my next body of work; and i'm not so sure if i'm ready to show them yet, but hopefully i will have the courage to post one or two in the next while.
as always, there are also some things that i am doing experimentally, that maybe is not meant to be shared as it is both ephemeral and also sometimes, very personal.

there is one thing though that i have been doing very regularly and that's drawing. both in a book, but also on loose vintage papers. it's a very rewarding thing to be able to work so freely and directly for short bursts that is each drawing, (though some "bursts" are not as energetic as the word might sound, but slower, more deliberate ones).

sometimes i sit and leaf through this particular set of drawings. there is in each part, in each of them, a uniquely distinct moment frozen in time. often i experience the drawing not as the visual that i have come to represent, but the various aspects and marks that abstractly make up the whole. it's in part why i was inspired to do the drawings on vintage papers, (the challenge being that i had to work with the remnants time had left).

the secrets i have with each drawing, as passing as some may be, are experiences i joyfully cherish to be mine alone.
but i don't work just for myself. what i get out of the process and revisiting of making is something i can only hope others can experience when they look at the finished product. art should not be self-serving to its maker, but ideally act as a bridge for others to cross into truths.

this is a section especially for the drawings that are still available. i will be uploading a few more each day, for the next few days, (there are more more to come) please check back daily. if you have questions or are interested in acquiring one or two, please don't be shy and email me, (i can't list prices on flickr, and there will be too many to make paypal buttons for).
i can promise you that they are affordable, and will bring you an unexpected joy. you'll be helping me out a lot as well.

thanks for taking the time.


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