Friday, July 09, 2010

for so long, it was the difference of reality and a dream.

the older i get, i'm learning that reality doesn't exist so much as our dreams. the distinction of the two is a line that is blurring more and more into less.

as far ahead as i am able to see, i can only see in dreams- and as far back as i can remember, everything is too.

which must mean right now we are flying, or suspended somewhere between the ground and sky- in and through a pink cloud, outlined with the setting sun, draped by a flannel blanket of gold flakes. a vignetting aroma of everything beautiful, bad, delicious and familiar surrounds us. our eyes are shut, but everything is clear- like the forming constellations in the maroon sky of the back of our eyelids.

things sometimes get dirty, but all in a dream.


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