Thursday, May 27, 2010

while in japan, i spent a couple of days with mr. ryuichi ogino. he took me around, showing me some spots that no tourist guide or non-natives could tell me about; places that became richer with the personal stories attached to them.

this june, ogi is having a solo show at koenji gallery in koenji, tokyo. he was gracious enough to ask me to take part in an installation in the main floor of his exhibition. how could i say no to showing with some really great artists.

here are the drawings i sent:

still go for it 5.5 x 8.75", mixed media on paper

kodomo dragon 5.75 x 8.5", mixed media on paper

genki sometimes y. 6 x 9.5", mixed media on paper

alone 4.75 x 6.75", mixed media on paper

aiueokakikukeko 5 x 7.5", mixed media on paper

yu + me = yume 2 5.5 x 8.75", mixed media on paper

here are the details of the show,

“Out of context Mush Up”という概念をリテラルに捉え、発展させたインスタレーション。様々な作家による150点以上に及ぶ作品群を展示壁に対して同時並列的に配置する

-出展artist list- (五十音順)-

・Jun Inoue (
・Junpei Inoue
・Kleptomaniac (
・Mai Nagamoto
・Milen David
・PCP (
・Rei Inaba
・Sakura (
・Senekt (
・Tessar Lo (
・Trip as Meg Hasegawa (
・yurashika (
・大山エンリコイサム (
・ちゃけ部! (
・中山裕輝 (
・長場雄 (
・苦虫ツヨシ (
・マッドバーバリアンズ (

-out of context mash up / detail of mash up wall -

荻野竜一はMashUpにおいて、楽曲のジャンルや音楽的背景が全く無視され、音楽的な真新しさや快感に焦点が絞られている点に着目し、アニメや漫画/ ゲーム/音楽、アート/デザイン/グラフィック/デコレーションなど様々なコンテクストを組み合わせ再構成し、立体/平面作品へと落とし込むことで、これを美術表現に置き換える試みをしてきました。


今回AMPcafeでは、そういったコンセプトを体現する作品を数点展示するだけでなく、Out Of Context Mash Upを応用する実験的試みとして、様々な作家による多種多様な作品をMashUp的感覚で展示するという方法に取り組みます。
展示方法は、壁面全体を一つのMash Up表現媒体として、A4縦サイズの作品をランダムな状態で並列的に配置します。


The term “Mash-Up” is a technique widely used among DeeJays to create a song or composition by combining two or more songs, usually overlaying the vocal track of one song over the music track of another thus transforming original contents.
Ryuichi Ogino focuses on the fact that Mash-Ups, while they concentrate solely on fun and excitement of the transformation, they tend to eliminate the contexts of the songs as the result, and applies the technique on visual arts by placing multiple paintings that have different contexts next to each other to complete as one painting. In his works, Ogino appropriates the tendency of today where various issues and ideas overlaps, hence enabling us to liberate from out-dated customs and grant us the opportunity to bring issues and ideas in a new set of standards of our own, and at the same time, such blending would give us tremendous clues to observe the contexts that lay beneath.
In “Idealistically Hypocritical 5″ at AMPcafe, Ryuichi Ogino experiments on applying the concept; Out of the Context Mash-Up visually, presenting not only his original art works, but also an installation in which he asked various artists to contribute their works. The wall is divided into A4 size grids then artists were asked to submit their works within A4 size to fill each grids. The wall will consist of over 150 pieces of art works by 30 different artists streching 4 meters in width and 2 meters in haight.

please go if you're in the area- and share some pictures with me. wish i could be there.

domo arigato, ogi sempai!


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