Wednesday, May 12, 2010

japan pt.3 | the final frontier

when we got back to tokyo, one of our first stops was the tokyo metropolitan government building. the observatory is free- and you get an amazing view of tokyo. we got there at dusk- and upon getting there, decided that we really had to stay for the night lights.

this was from a different view, obviously- but a shot right before we left.

the next day, i met ogi in shinjuku and we made our way over to the mori art museum.

there is a show happening at the mori art museum called roppongi crossing. it had to be one of the best shows i had seen in a while. it was very diverse and interesting- touching, and even funny at times. there were no photos allowed, but now that i have no actual shots of it, i am happier. the memories of it linger and they keep getting better and better in my head and heart.

outside the roppongi hills mori tower, they were building a home for me.

in shibuya, the famous crossing at q front. there is a soccer field on a rooftop. it must be real nice in the summer. this day was spitting rain.

we then went to a show in a neat little design boutique. this was happening on the second floor.


the next day we went for some cheap and delicious thai in koenji. this restaurant was almost in an alleyway of some sort.

then art at amp cafe/ koenji gallery.

discussion about the finer points of the cactus on the table. get it? finer points.
the art behind us was apparently done by a famous musician.

this coffee was one of the best i've ever had. i usually drink mine black, but look at those brown sugar crystals, they are asking to be part of that amazing coffee. i had to succumb to their plea.

ogi's neighbourhood is known to be the home of many cartoonists in japan, including at one point, someone named hayao miyazaki- i don't know if you've ever heard of him.
down the street from ogi's building, was the white house that inspired the one in totoro. the city of tokyo recognized it as a national landmark and was going to preserve it and the park around it- until some guy last year set fire to it. so sad.

ogi's studio. it was nice to see this. though it wasn't mine, it felt familiar.

ogi is making a baby.

some stuff for his next solo show in june.

this is the view he has from his window. a lot of green and a lot of space; nice since you don't always see too much of both at the same time in tokyo, at least not from your window.

we met up with mogu takahashi who had a cute show in kichijoji.

then a magical park in the middle of the city,

this was the steps that would eventually take you to the ghibli museum. how appropriate,

dinner at an okinawan izakaya type place with apak, mogu and co.

this bitter melon dish was kind of out of this world.

after dinner, drinks.

that soju was the pandora's box for our last night in japan.

then fights broke out.

this is the beginning of our journey home. it was 4:30 in the morning and there were so many people out. not a lot is known as to how we got to this point. but what happens in japan...

...shows up on my blog.

in the end, no pictures or 2-minute camera video clips could do any of the trip justice; i am still processing a lot of it.

if you haven't had enough and want to see everything, you can find the rest of my digital pictures of japan here.


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