Saturday, May 01, 2010

japan pt.2 | kansai

in japan, it's not tony danza.

in nara, we saw this guy as a gargoyle. doesn't it look like something out of disney? mu lan- ish, even. i wonder if it's as old as the building it was on, or if it was a newer addition?

everywhere i went i'd be thinking hayao miyazaki. we ended up at this knoll for about 15 minutes, taking pictures of rocks and moss- if you can believe it.

this building looked like it had a mural of an evergreen forest, but it was actually just water damage or staining.

fairy tales.

this was the mascot for nara's anniversary, a hybrid of the deer it's known for and a buddha child?

my first coffee in days cost me about 4 dollars. it was delicious, and all too short-lived.

sakura everywhere.

known to us as "fish-cake lady", this was our second trip that day. we just had to try all of the different kinds. she had some fish-cake-wrapped ika, soba, tako. the shop smelled like fish-cakes and cigarettes. we eventually realized that it must have been the nicotine in the them that had us back for more.

my future front yard.


if fred was one step back, he would have gotten hurt, met, then fallen in love.

mos burger!

a river runs through kyoto. i really like this spot. the sound of the water rushing is really kind of loud at first and then it's like it's not even there. along the banks, are restaurants, shops and the back of the potoncho alleyway.

this was strong.


taniuchi ikko at UrBANGUILD.

somewhere along the way, i saw in life, what i had seen so long in my mind.

the kyoto manga museum was filled with complete manga series' from i think as far back as the 30's(?). though i doubt it had every manga published, (they'd probably need a football field's worth of museum, or two)- anything that was important or rare could probably be found here. no photos were allowed inside, but i think my favourite was the children's book room. i only wish they had more original art on display- it really would have made it a bit more magical.

one of our last meals in kyoto. this was a bit expensive, but it was pretty swell- needless to say, the fish in japan...

after seeing nara and kyoto, i decided that kyoto was probably my favourite. it had a nice balance of old and new cultures and i really liked the vibe of the city. next time i'm there, i think i'll grab a small bottle of sochu and sit by the river.


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