Thursday, April 29, 2010

japan pt.1 | tokyo

funny i was in a bit of beatlemania before our departure to japan. i was literally following the sun there. fred and i had some pretty amazing views of mountainous snow, i think we were flying over ottawa here.

our first spot happened to be a touristy kind of place. this is kaminarimon. it was kind of an outdoor market, nice vibe.

before long, i was already seeing art. i really like this painting. i had to stop and look at it for a second.

night is falling, the lanterns are lit- and the sweet ladies are out.

we tried looking for something really special for our first meal.. our hunger ended up getting the best of us- and this is what we came up with. it was still pretty amazing. pork katsu, sashimi and that egg tofu stuff that melts in your mouth.

my first capsule had a non-working tv at the foot of the bed. please god, no ringu stuff, ok?

the rain followed us around. we were making it rain it seemed, but in all the wrong ways.

..except for this one day, where we found this awesome wall with flurries of sakura- and a gate that looked like it could lead to the place in spirited away.

then we went for an urban hike and found how japan handles nature and vice versa- it seems like they are good friends and understand each other:

anpanman store! what?! but it was expensive.

i also left some hanga dreams around tokyo:


... is excellent for night-lights, and if it's time for some action.

on our walk home that night... there was something in the trees- i kid you not.

up next.. kansai!


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