Thursday, February 11, 2010

it has been a week since the opening of everything we wanted, in our nostalgic future, and i have been playing catch-up all week. sorry if i have not reached out to say thanks or responded to emails- i will try to get them out as soon as i can.

thanks to those who did their best to tell their friends about the show. thanks to the bloggers, tweeters, emailers, facebookers- etc. the support i received coming up to the show, that night and post-show has been unexpected and positively overwhelming.

you can find photos of the night here, and here. thanks to my pops antonius lo, simon cole, and richard ho for documenting the night. if you have pictures and would like to send them to me, i'd be very happy to add it to the flickr page, with your credits, of course.

my deepest thanks to the artists/friends who contributed to the installation; i could not have done it without the help and contributions of the following people:

agnes wiguna
alice lo
antonius lo
dion indraatmadja
erika danusasmita
fred hon
hannah lee
jeff garcia
jennie lo
jhosephine tanuwidjaya
martha chan
micah lukmana
nataly kim
nimit malavia
noah earle
peter chan
rosemary travale
rosena fung
simon cole

i was also very lucky to be featured on late night in the bedroom, which has been getting rave reviews,

if you so happened to miss it, i also had a short interview about the show on erratic phenomena. it was great hanging out with you, amanda :).

a very special thank you to my collectors and patrons, you are helping me continue in my calling. i am lucky to be able to share my work with you.
there are still a few elephant sculpts, prints and catalogues left at the gallery. please get in touch with simon for yours.

finally, happy early valentine's day and chinese new year, (they fall on the same day this year) it is the year of the tiger- give your chinese friend a valentine's card with a quote like, "your love makes me roar." or "how fierce is this romance?" :)


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