Monday, November 23, 2009

last week i was invited to see a very humbling show at the chinese cultural centre of greater toronto called Embracing Life Art Exhibition. a show of works by a group of 30 artists with disabilities, the majority of them coming from hong kong.

the work spanned a few decades from artists both young and old. the artists' teacher, emilie chan is a well-known and respected individual who devoted a lot of her time sharing the arts to people with disabilities.

the show unfortunately was in its last weekend when i went, but here are some of the highlights of the show for me:

circus, tiffany yuen

whale in a forest, taylor chan

various works by perry au, this kid was amazing. click the description to enlarge.

natalie yung

lo pui yang, click the description to enlarge.

lau wai ming, also really incredible. click the description to enlarge.

find the two staircases, alan chan

there's not a tonne of info online, neither of emilie chan or the exhibition, but here is one good link about the foot painter, lo pui yang to get you started, in case you want to do more research.


in other news, i have a piece in juxtapoz's charity auction. here's your chance to possibly get a piece of mine pretty affordably, and for a very good cause. here is the piece. thanks!


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