Friday, October 02, 2009


i was a little bit drunk today- not alcohol-induced, just naturally. i decided a nap was in order:

i dreamt about all kinds of things before i found myself in car being driven by some art rep that also doubled as my father. he was neither the father or art reps that i know in my "real" world. after driving around for a few minutes i was in a basement that was reminiscent of a place that my family might have lived in at one point. it was full of that feeling of familiarity and nostalgia, although truly, i have never seen or been in this basement.

after wandering around for a little, some light started to come through the windows that were slowly growing out of the walls around me. the ceilings moved higher and the light cast was that of a 6am morning light in summer. i was greeted by a person who was the hybrid of li'l bow wow and chris brown; more bow wow in appearance, but chris brown's larry king outfit.

li'l bow chris wow brown (from here on out known as LBCWB) guided me to a piece of art he had just completed. it hung from the now-high ceilings of this basement-turned living area.

it was a sculpture of a man's face. it was made of wood, but can only really be described as a native american mask painted in a fauvist style. it hung by two wires that allowed it to move in a breeze that i wasn't aware of until that moment. i turned to LBCWB and told him how truly amazed i was by his sculpture. he thanked me and i turned to look again. i was so overwhelmed, i had a feeling of crying. it wasn't because of joy or sadness, but just how touched i was by this piece. i turned to LBCWB again to tell him, and he gave me a knowing smile.

before the tears, welled up in my eyes, had a chance to fall- my chauffeur called for me. it was time to go. i apologetically said goodbye to LBCWB and made my way out his house.

and then i woke up.


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