Thursday, August 06, 2009

a few weeks ago, i had a chance to spend some time with some of my favourite artists in toronto. i wanted to share with you all the experience. it is always nice for me to hang out with really incredibly driven and skilled people.. that humbling feeling is such a motivator to work even harder than you think you already have been!

first i had the honour of spending some time with my sheridan prof, harvey chan and his lady friend melissa in his work/live on queen east. after a nice chat and some lunch courtesy of harvey, (who is also a chef as it turns out) we decided to jam, completely open-ended. we both literally had no idea what was happening and relished in the idea. some things turned out nice, some not so nice, but the point was to just create. here is what transpired:


the next week i was invited to a class by my good friend and constant inspiration, jeff garcia who now runs halo halo screenprinting with talented jan avendano out of 401 richmond. he had me come in to speak a little bit about what i do and once again, jam with the students he had that week. it was a pleasure to speak about my work and have the chance to work with other aspiring, creative folks. i also had a chance to meet artist, zeesy powers there, who gave a great talk and was very inspiring as well.

with the lights down low, a little bit of wine and beer, a lot of drawing and taken playing on the projector, it had all the makings of a wonderful night:

the elusive jgar, this was the best picture i could take of him. i think he practices dodging for pictures.

some samples of print work from jeff's collection and from past students.

thanks to both of these great guys for spending some time with me. they are some of the really dedicated people that keep toronto alive artistically. hope to see you guys again soon!


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