Wednesday, August 26, 2009

it has been a long time since i released a print- this is my first in what must be almost a year now. it took an image that i really liked and meant a lot to me to want to release this print edition.

lapin lapin was the first painting i did after my move back to toronto. it started on a night when half of my room still resembled a junk yard. i was tired of cleaning and the move had taken a lot out of me. i had not painted then, for what must have been about three weeks; for someone who paints on almost a nightly basis, i was not very happy. i had to paint and i needed to escape somewhere. picking up a tube of yellow paint, i started to squeeze directly on this 48 x 60" canvas taunting me. it became a journey into a world that i felt i had lost for so long; making this painting brought back a feeling reminiscent of childhood discovery.

i now paint with the hope that my work touches people in the same way. that they can look into my pictures and experience something viscerally without the inhibitions of "adulthood" or "being normal".

lapin lapin marked a big turning point in my painting. i hope to share it with you.


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