Monday, May 04, 2009

incidental taxture 2, ay.

some of you may remember my first incidental taxture project.

i loved the project so much that i am attempting to make it a series of sorts. i had started incidental taxture part two a while back, but had only been able to finish it up recently.

this one is actually longer than the first, and seeing how small the first one was to view, i had to reconsider presentation. i've decided for this time around, to post per three pages per day. i don't know exactly how i'm going to ultimately present the entire image, but if you're interested in seeing that- i'm open to suggestions on how to go about doing it.

so it begins:

see you tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

i definitely will follow this...

Herrenz said...

oh man,
i remember seeing your first one at "Future Perfect"!
I'm excited to see the whole thing!