Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tessar Lo / Future Perfect / LeBasse Projects from Modus Films on Vimeo.

jeremy of analog color was great to do an amazing ad for my upcoming show.

thank you, jeremy.



liu liu said...

i'm ashamed that i can not be there for your solo, why so far..

Anonymous said...

you are silly. :)

Dominique Fung said...

CONGRATS tlo. The show looked really look... well from the pictures that I've seen they look awesome.

Really liking your new pieces! One day when i have money I'll buy one.

Welcome home... soon! have a safe trip :)

jenay said...

gah, sorry i couldnt make it. i was running around celebrating friend's birthdays.
anywho, it looks great and i will definitely stop by to take a look see :D congratzz