Tuesday, April 21, 2009

sorry this has taken so long to be posted, but i wanted to get it right.

my family and i left LA last thursday and got in to toronto early early sunday morning. the drive was fun and at times a test at once- still, an experience to chalk up.

i know i've already kind of done this in a previous post, but i wanted to say thank you once again to everyone i've encountered in LA. you all affected my being there, big or small; i say that sincerely.

a lot of people have come to me with encouraging and congratulatory messages for my solo show, either in person or via e-mail, twitter, etc. thank you thank you thank you so much for your kind words, i never tire of your support and good wishes. if i haven't personally gotten back to your messages, please don't take it personally- i'm making my way through them. thank you to all those who posted my show/works on your blogs during this time. and finally, a grand thank you to those that came out on opening night to say hello, your presence meant a lot.

i'm currently settling in and making major changes to my workspace in toronto- hopefully i will be able to get back to work real soon. see you then.



Yuta Onoda said...

welcome back tessar.
Uralilili tour soon???

Anonymous said...

toronto = home = meeting place = endless inspiration.

alexei said...

I miss you, lets hang and chat.
I wish I could have made it out to your show,
but you know how it is.

See you soon.

Herrenz said...

you're lucky you left LA before the heat wave struck! 100 degrees!

well, hope you're having fun back at wonderful Toronto!