Monday, April 06, 2009

last night i dreamt i was in high school, designing a necklace with a good friend of mine for his girlfriend. it looked kind of like a dreidel and a bell in one. we drew it out on the chalkboard, he seemed a bit flustered about the whole thing. later, i landed an audition to be in a musical- i danced, gene kelly style to my hotel, where i looked down to find blood on my hands. still, all i could think about was whether or not i should put this acting gig on my c.v., and if so, under what category. i then went outside and got into a fight. i was hurting this guy, but i wasn't hitting very hard. i realized it was a dream and that's how fights play out in dreams, soft- like the dreams themselves often are. i was lucid for a second. then all of a sudden, with my hands clean, i needed to find what to wear for the show- i saw in one duffel all of my current clothes, and i looked in another to see clothes from my childhood. i considered wearing the older clothes, if they'd only fit.



Jeremy Deveraturda said...

hi there... just want to add i find your work very poetic.

Anonymous said...

boy, what a dream!

Toshiro Ryu said...

That's so awesome that you were dancing Gene Kelly style.

I had a dream I was at an In-and-Out that wouldn't give me animal style, and by the time I got animal style and was about to eat it I woke up.

I'm not joking.

Counting the days until you are here my friend.

Anonymous said...

Gene Kelly style, wow..
i like his 'I'm singing in the rain'. In fact, it's one of the songs our Serviam choir is going to perform for the seniors in July.