Thursday, March 26, 2009

recently, i have been devoting my days to building an island for my solo show installation.
i have spent hours upon hours of this back-breaking labour in order to manifest an idea i see so clearly in my mind. it's been a long time since i've worked on something so tedious and labourious. still, when i thought about it- i came to the conclusion that it was no different than what you and i typically do everyday.

how wonderful that we can relate and appreciate each other through this innate desire to build. it may be the building of a family, creative visions, finances, physical things like homes even, among so many other things. the diversity is what makes it exciting.

maybe i'm looking too much into it, but this micro example of my building an island feels like what we all do with the so many aspects of our lives, every day.

they say no man is an island- but we can work (together, maybe) to build the ones we want to be on.



Anonymous said...

well said, son.


Bombproof said...

I second that. good stuff, and wild looking sketchbook page.

Plex Lowery said...

Too true...the only problem is that more often than not, we tend not to appreciate the "islands" that we've built, and continue to build upon; we just constantly complain about how difficult the "process" was. Maybe pausing, making a cup of coffee and taking a moment to appreciate what we have already built is what all need a little more of...