Saturday, February 14, 2009

thank you to dave, the artists that signed my book and those that came out to the secret headquarters last night. i had fun meeting you all and it was an honour and pleasure to doodle in your books.

photo courtesy of amanda of erratic phenomena. notice the kirin beer? haha.

photos courtesy of jacob covey's photostream.

the first edition hardcovers of beasts! 2 are almost all gone everywhere. for those of you that can still find it, this is a beautifully designed and executed book and it really is worth getting your hands on one.
if i'm not mistaken fantagraphics is already looking into a second printing. i hear the first edition of the first beasts! book is already a hundred bucks on ebay.


i was really hoping to catch the nba dunk competition tonight, but alas, all work and no tv makes tessar a boy who will instead, be at:

for those of you without big valentine's day plans.. im lucky to have a piece in the show and we should be having a great time- hope to see some friends tonight, come and say hi!

erika, big kisses and long hugs, happy valentine's day! <3



Anonymous said...


erika danusasmita said...

happy valentine's day, by <3
kiss+big hug!

i want to order beasts!2
hopefully amazon still has some

beau b said...

did you get me a copy?

Eshwin said...

sweet piece, saw it yesterday at beguiling!