Friday, February 06, 2009

UPDATE 02/23/09: thanks to everyone who signed up on infectious and voted for me. it was very flattering and helpful as i think, not sure- i might have won, (haven't heard from infectious just yet). your support is what keeps me going. thanks to everyone who helped, again.


edit: another one of my designs has entered voting. you can see and vote for it,


thank you again for all your support.


it's official. this is the final edit of the knowledge iphone skin design i've submitted to infectious. last time, you may have voted to get it submitted... this time you'll be voting to get it made! if you like it, that is. here is the link:


if you do like it, let your voice be heard! thanks for your support.



Anonymous said...

you got lots of love!

Paul Leli said...

I wish I had a iphone...That skin is crazy!

liuliu said...

Tessar, overtime i check your blog you fly somewhere i could never get to...i want a iphone just like that too mom!

did u consider any other images for the skin?

irma kniivila said...


This is really gorgeous!

What've you been up to these days, artwise?
Seems like you've been doing a lot of experimenting.

Leading up to something?

Anonymous said...

paul: told you should've gotten the iphone.

liuliu: i have no idea what you said, but it made me lol. let's go flying for iphones?!!

irma: only time will tell, lol. good to see you posting again.

liuliu said...

ahaha my bad my bad. i like to confuse people just to refresh their talented imagination if you know what i mean