Friday, January 16, 2009

watching, waiting.

i have been really immersed in my painting lately. i am resolved with some aspects of my life that it allows me the freedom to really paint with only painting in mind.
because i am now tackling the painting at a slower pace; reminding myself to look and look again- i find myself noticing a lot of small, sensitive things that i might not have had had i rushed off the work, beginning to end.
i am taking days apart between periods of working, to just look at the work and allow my eyes and mind to venture. there are one hundred million possibilities to each stage, each decision, and now i am evaluating and watching carefully, each one.
i am so thankful for this a chance, because once i am in my work- more often than not, i can't stop myself from painting and painting and painting. it feels like, all those things i thought through, made plans for- go out the window. and still, through it all, there is a process that happens, progress i hadn't forseen.
i am making a lot of mistakes: working through them and learning again with each falter. what a luxury, much joy.



Anonymous said...

I would say that you are really blessed, son.


Honline said...

i would have to agree with mom, son.

Anonymous said...

Very recently, I've found it really positive to step away from a piece of work during the week (as I work full-time) and just spend a little time actually looking at - and seeing - it. It helps me to plan what I need to do next, what needs changing, what's working, what's not. I'm still learning, and mistakes are part of the process. It all counts.

And your Mom's absolutely right!

Peter Hong Chan said...

I would have to agree with hon and your mom too, son.

Nice to hear, I am excited to see these pieces you're working on!