Wednesday, January 28, 2009

distance, both unsettling and beautiful.

an xiao writes a very poignant post on her blog about the factual documentation of our lives, here is the link.

not sure if this is the case for many people, but in somewhat of a related issue has been on my mind for the last little while. many times in this past year or so, (with the rise of cameras and the internet on portable technology) i have found myself to be in the middle of conversations where it's interrupted with the, "here let me show you" stage- in which the person i'm speaking with will pull out their device and proceed to load or search for the image/ video. in most cases, this is followed by the viewing/ watching of the material- then maybe an "ooh," or "ah,"- then the conversation is basically over.

what's funny is, we are so used to this now that we don't even think twice, we don't mind it. yet we lose so much with this 'advancement'. maybe it was the magic and wonder of being a child, but i remember having conversations full of storytelling and imagination. it used to be that we had to actually describe what happened or happens in a story or procedure. the art of storytelling, stretching of truth for entertainment, enchantment is all lost in the totality of our modern advancements.

all in all; we lose the ability to articulate, the patience to listen, ("yeah? show me on your phone,") and eventually, i believe, a deeper human connection. for the most part, we are all guilty, but maybe it's something for us to think about.


and in a shameless-ironic turn, this video is much too beautiful to pass up. i have been thinking a lot about city lights from the skies.

via boing boing, courtesy of flickr user, ettubrute.

to the person who bought my if i could fly, i'd finally see the stars, in barcelona, please let me know who you are so i can say thanks.



Anonymous said...

When we're children, we take it as the norm that our imagination can takes us to any place, to any time and with any thing or person. As we age, that slowly gets sapped out of us as we become vessels to formal learning and our daily world where we have less time to think imaginatively.

It's so true that, whilst giving us great things with one hand, technology has the ability to take away with the other. Thank you for this post; it serves as a timely reminder that we still need to dream, to actively converse and to not take what feels like the easiest option to express yourself.


Anonymous said...

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart...

Chad C. said...

Don't worry Tessar, I'll always have stories to tell you, after all I come from a long line of Storytellers. I'll send you the link to prove it, har har.

Alejandro cardona said...

i wish i could fly to lA...without paying the flight..

still working on it.


marcus said...

love the video clip. thanks. can you do some animation. that would be great

Anonymous said...

alejandro, wth>> hahaha.

marcus, i can animate. wait for it. it's bad though.