Thursday, January 08, 2009

beasts! 2 at grsf.

jacob from fantagraphics has graciously invited beasts! 2 book contributors to show some original art of their beast at giant robot san francisco.
i am thankful and pleased to be invited again to a wonderful venue and to be part of something so fun.

here is my painting, something i thought should have been a bit different from the book image:

kirin, 18 x 24", mixed media on wood.

here is the info:

thank you jacob and luke for all your help.



Anonymous said...

Powerful kick!

Hannah said...

i love it!!

rontek3000 said...

Awsome, this piece is really good!
I saw this at the post office last week in little tokyo. I had wondered what it was.

Anonymous said...

wow, rontek- how did you manage to find this blog? what a coincidence.

rontek3000 said...

haha, i love your whole apt's work. So yeah, i visit all you guys' sites/blogs from time to time. And, I found out from yoskay that we live like 4 blocks away. Indeed, a coincidence!

gabe l said...

just saw your real piece at GR last monday. love the subtle colors on this piece! i think your piece was one of the few best ones at the show!