Saturday, December 20, 2008

archiving work.

since last year i was in such a rush to get to LA, i didn't get a chance to review and archive my older work. this time around home, i was lucky to have my dad set aside some time to shoot some work. he showed me a bunch of things, but nothing i could ever do with my measly point-and-shoot and without legit studio equipment.

it was nice to spend some father-son time and learn a bit about reproducing work in a good light, (pun intended).

for you artists in toronto, my pops does some very high quality reproduction/archiving for quite a reasonable amount. this is one case where i can't say, 'if i want it done right, i gotta do it myself.' haha. wish i could just send my work over from la.

here are some samples of the shots.
the painting of the old man is 30 x 36", the girl, 12 x 16":

just in case, you can get in touch here.



Anonymous said...

t.lo! i feel like coming over to bug you....

Anonymous said...

shout me, we will do lunch.

Peter Hong Chan said...

now i know where i can get my work archived when im ready to...thanks for the info!

Bombproof said...

I dig that old man piece, and your dad is a beast!