Monday, November 03, 2008

my love, it's on we.

roq la rue has my preview up for anyone curious.

also, i have updated my site in time for this show. thanks.



Anonymous said...

Never disappointing Tessar, fantastic!! wish i could view these masterpieces in person. All the best, you are the man!

Anonymous said...

Your new site style is neat, right font used, clean and fresh like a morning breeze, i like it :)


Shona said...

Tessar, you're work is heartmelting. I hope you'll be releasing some prints in the not too distant future - fact and fiction is an absolute winner!


mark said...

hey tessar, good luck on the show, all the pieces look so amazing, yes especially fact and fiction.

liking the portfolio/blog navigation integration thing going on as well.

Rosemary Travale said...

Saw a mention for your show up on BoingBoing

The preview for your show looks so lovely! You are doing a great job my friend!