Thursday, November 06, 2008

feels like home.

i am loving seattle. downtown reminds me a lot of toronto, minus the steep hills. having the cold air, though sometimes.... cold, is exactly to me, what november has always been and is supposed to feel like. so oddly, though i've only been here a day, i feel very comfortable here.

what's (who's) also been making me feel really welcome is kirsten and kenny of roq la rue gallery. for people who have real, established credentials, they are some of the most grounded people i've met in this scene.

here's what's been happening the last couple of days,

i got to roq la rue to find some christmas presents for me.

trying to figure out what i have to work with.

we also took some time to admire moira's amazing work.

working on install elements.

more to come soon.



marcus said...

the white tiger climbed off the wall

Honline said...

looks like a really nice gallery space. rock the show! good luck!

Anonymous said...

even though seattle is cold as per you, looking at those pictures i feel so warm, nice.

Alexei said...

looks like its going to be an awesome show.
show me photos when its up and going.