Monday, October 20, 2008

something in the works.

i love the opportunity to work with passionate, like-minded people.
i am working on a serigraph with the M athame Imprint.

it will be released at roq la rue, seattle this november 7th. they will be 16 x 20" (image), 2-3 printed colour and the edition size is 9. the screens that we use will be washed out completely, rendering this a genuine limited edition.
i will be hand-touching and staining each print. if you're at all interested already, please contact roq la rue to be put on a list. thank you.

there'll be more photos as we move along the process.

*edit: you all should just bookmark M athame Imprint or add it to your reader, since all the progress shots of this project are going to be posted there. thanks.



Anonymous said...

i am so, so curious..

edwinushiro said...

You guys are so mad scientists!

Yuta said...

Can't wait to see who it will turn out!

t e s s a r * said...

beakman's world! not so mad scientific, just mad maybe. arrgghh.