Saturday, November 01, 2008

fit in.

with the serigraphs pulled by M athame, it was then put into my hands to be embellished, stained and finished. here is what happened:

all that's left is for me to number and sign these, and M athame to print their logo on them.
i have three artist proofs, also hand-touched and M athame has three naked proofs. but there are only nine editions available to the public and ever; M athame has washed out the screens used to pull these.

they will be released at 'my love, it's on we,' at roq la rue this november 7th. that night it's only available to those physically present, but if you're interested anyhow- please get on a waiting list with kirsten, in case there are any left-overs.

hope you guys like them.



Anonymous said...

One of a kind, bravo!

chau said...

she's lovely, tessar ^____^!!!