Wednesday, October 01, 2008

daily du jour et mon photo du jour.

i have been invited recently, to guest blog over at daily du jour. it's an LA-focused art blog, forum and community overall. it looks great and i'm very happy to be a part of it. please check up on it as i will be blogging about different things than on this blog; no rss feeds this time. thank you to daily du jour for having me on board.

i am also nearing completion on my two-person show at roq la rue this november. i'm very excited and proud of this body of work. i hope you will all enjoy it. but for now, here's a litle sneak peek:



Anonymous said...

looks stunning... can't wait to see the whole body work.

gabe l said...

ohh.... that tiger's really prowling... looking forward to seeing your whole show!

Peter Hong Chan said...

can't wait to see the show. looking awesome.