Wednesday, September 10, 2008

scion installation 5

just in case you missed it on the forums, or through the project: blog, here is my contribution to the scion installation tour 5.
the theme of the show was self-portrait, but i wouldn't necessarily acknowledge this as a literal one.

me, mixed media on paper, mounted on wood, 24 x 36".

here are the tour dates/stops so far:

10.04.08-10.25.08 Detroit @ C Pop
12.05.08 Miami @ The Raleigh Hotel Penthouse
02.06.09-2.28.09 Phoenix @ Perihelion Arts
03.09 (exact dates TBD) Washington DC @ Irvine Contemporary
4.03.09-4.25.09 Minneapolis, MN @ Rogue Buddha Gallery
5.07.09-5.21.09 New York, NY @ The Showroom NYC
06-07.09 San Jose, CA @ Anno Domini
06-07.09 Portland, OR @ TBD
08.09 Los Angeles @ Scion Installation L.A.



pete ryan said...

so cool!

Anonymous said...

somehow mysterious.. sensational..

Anonymous said...


Alexei said...

You have something growing on your shoulder, you should get that checked out man, it doesn't look that good.

Nice work as always Tessar.

Eshwin said...

Is this supposed to be you? Needs bigger muscles, and a ninja sword ... lmao j/k!!! I get it metaphor yeea's

The brush is your cock, the semi-surreal visions of deep spiritual exploration your sweet explosion ... oh yeah Tessar you fuck so good!!!

Anonymous said...

you guys are awesome, thanks for the kind words.