Sunday, September 07, 2008

hurts so good.

here are some recent drawings from the chinese exercise book.

i've always really loved the aged aesthetic of old images. more than just minor scratches and bumps, i love huge, unforgiving water damage, torn areas, and unexplainable chemical stains that darken or lighten over time.

a few years back, my home in scarborough got flooded. since my room was in the basement, almost all my stuff had water damage. at first, i was devastated. but in the next few days, after picking through stuff i would keep and throw away, i started to realize how impermanent most everything is anyway; how easily things can literally be swept away. and then, looking at the journal pages and drawings before me with the stains, bleeding and dirt: i felt blessed that i had these ephemeral warriors. they had gone through battle and came out with scars that told a story of their own.

now, whenever i go through the memory boxes and old books, i see the stains and remember that summer in scarborough. how a seemingly disastrous occasion taught me about the course of things. wrinkled, worn out paper showed me how precious and beautiful experience and wear can be. i am always looking for that. the falling and rising, the hurting and healing.



Anonymous said...

It's so very inspiring, especially that 'falling and rising, hurting and healing'. Quite a muse on life, thanks for amazing sharing, Tessar.

Francis Vallejo said...

terrific drawings! I too love worn textures, the history speaks volumes!

mark d said...

dude, you have a painter's soul

Anonymous said...

i'm glad you guys can understand.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful.