Monday, September 22, 2008

musical bliss.

as part of gallery 1988's cover band show this october, i was fortunate enough to get OK COMPUTER by radiohead to paint on. it was a bit of a challenge since the cover of the original is already so great on its own, but alas i couldn't shy away from it.

here is the original cover design:

and then with my addition:

the tourist, approx. 12 x 12" mixed media on cardboard.

i have listened to this album over and over, it is genius.
this painting is surprisingly one of my favourites of the recent paintings i've done and, a kind of a sneak preview of things to come in november at roq la rue. hope you all like it.



Anonymous said...

Mystery found in the colors yet so beautiful, made up a mysterious soul too.

Chris Coles said...

Aw man I love that album. I remember drawing all of the little pictograms from the albumm art in high school. Really nice painting, Tessar.

plex said...

my girlfriend is going to lose her mind when she sees what you did to one of her favorite albums of all time...It's beautiful man, really...