Thursday, August 14, 2008


i once read a passage in a murakami book that changed me forever.

because of it, sometimes i feel like standing on the edge of a cliff in the middle of the night and waiting. in time, being carried away by something not of this world, (as we know it). it would undulate and writhe in formations that contain all of the things in our lives; the soft, the hard- the light, the dark.

it would sweep me off my feet and carry me into infinity.



Los colegas said...

hi, really nice blog. Hope you to visit our. byee

Anonymous said...

Grab the star!

Peter Hong Chan said...

murakami is the man.

Subject-A said...

I thought I swept you off your feet!

Anonymous said...

reach for the star, cause if you fall you land on the cloud. if you don't know by know, im talking bout chai town!

Margarita Gutierrez said...

Cool, those slippery moments of feeling on the edge kinda help us to know ourselves better and reach for better things.
I Love your work btw.