Thursday, August 07, 2008

around the studes, early august.

seems like summer as a professional is the exact opposite of summer as a student; i am grateful to be busy as heck. i recently completed a really fun commercial job that i will be posting soon. some pretty high-profile gigs booked, (for me at least), a commission here and there- and a real serious start to my next personal series of work, aka the two-person show i have coming up in november at roq la rue.

but enough of all that, here're some pics of around the studio/home.

boxing a piece? i haven't done that in ages. stay tuned for what it is..

scotty b getting his pieces professionally shot by photographer, lloyd.

the girl i intern for.

my kaiju collection, but made in china... 'chaijus'?

me trying to go through the portal in my wall.

hope you're all having a lovely midsummer, (or is it end of summer?)



sleepboy said...

not end of summer till it cools down :(

Bombproof said...

Yo, Tessar, thanks for sharing, I love seeing the inside of artists studios, really exciting to hear of the gigs coming up! respect and congrats,

Nimit Malavia said...

does your coop make you drink kirin too??

muchlove...Merissa said... the "portal" caption, that's hilarious! Neat to see what's going on in your studio! Just wanted to add that I'm really amazed at your art! My favorites are your tigers, they ROCK! They have so much life and are so engaging! Hope to own a piece of yours someday!..make that pieces! You are AWESOME!!!

n a t a l y said...

LOL that portal line gave me a good chuckle. have you played portal? all you need is beer and 3 hours.