Wednesday, July 23, 2008

he said she said and SDCC.

i made two editions of a two-colour gocco print titled, 'he said she said'
they are 4.25 x 5.5" each. i will be bringing them to san diego comic con and they will be available for purchase at the munky king booth, just ask for them if i am not there.

but i will be there on thursday afternoon, from 2:30 to 4:30pm signing my kirin print for the upcoming beasts! 2 book; you can also pick up the prints then. everything was cut, printed, signed and numbered by yours truly. they are bagged with some of my new postcards- so you can feel secure about keeping them nice and clean.

the summer edition will only be available at comic con, and will be $25. the winter edition will be $20, but please email me with, 'he said she said' in the subject line if you'd like me to hold one for you before i bring them to comic con.
though it's hard to see here, the winter edition's turquoise colour has a shimmer in it. it's my tribute to the time i came to toronto, canada: february 1989.

he said she said; summer edition- two-colour gocco on paper, edition of 50.

he said she said; winter edition- two colour gocco on paper, edition of 89.

thank you all for the support, and i hope to meet some of you on thursday or over the weekend. have fun at SDCC!!



Anonymous said...

Very nice job, Tessar, I like both.

hui said...

so tessar.. do i have to be AT the con to get those prints? *wink wink*

Yuta said...

you've saved mine already....right??

mark d said...

long live gocco! They are very nice. I love the kirin print too!

JuanCarlos said...

Great job on these prints! The orangey red one is great!

give me one NOW

Peter Chan said...

beautifull i want onee too!! lol

have fun at SDCC!

Alejandro cardona said...

Hey Tessar" How's it going? Got your book in the mail. Very nice"! We gotta talk.. I'll call u as soon as i get a phone card but we will do it soon.

keep up the good wor"