Monday, July 21, 2008

forever young.

many moons ago, i was a dashing young lad, haha.
here are some pictures from high school that made me laugh, and a fun little look into my "history" with art.

please be nice, haha.



Anonymous said...

Wow, how old were you?? You looked like a 13-14-year-old among those matured ladies, haha... yes, forever young.

Anonymous said...

you've changed quite a bit, look at the second picture, was that really you?

Lettie said...

ahaah the same feeling in paintings though !


this guy had the ladies running wild even in his pre-teens. you painted these from life right?

monochromatic-still so hot right now.

JuanCarlos said...

foreeeeverrr youngggg I want to bee forevvverrr youngggg, do you really want to be foreevver, forevvvver FORREEEEEEEEEVAHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Peter Chan said...

wow, very nice to see haha. I can see the style cool.

thanks for sharing, always great to see old work.

Alexei Vella said...

Pinches your cheeks.

We all start from humble beginnings.


Anonymous said...

I remember this! I was attending carter for my first year when i saw this. You gave away matchboxes and everything! I was a fan then, I'm still a fan now. Good job!

Caitlin said...

The one of the seated girl has always been one of my favourite pieces of yours.. and I've still got one of your matchboxes!

Also, I think my mom had a mild crush on you at Art Night. "That bald Asian guy with the glasses is cute!"