Wednesday, June 04, 2008

art as merch.

i don't normally do 3-dimensional pieces that are not self-directed, but recently i had two great opportunities to do otherwise.

a while back i had been approached to paint a skate deck as part of a fund-raising group show in atlanta. there are a lot of great artists involved, including faile, tim biskup, amy sol and sage vaughn, among others. details on that can be found here. this is my contribution:

i was also approached by dylan from subtext to do a custom toy show in conjunction with the san diego comic con. i typically don't do toys, but this one was so adorable and actually made me chuckle the first time i saw it- i couldn't say no. this is my YOKA for the beasts of burden show:

the design on the YOKA panda isn't something you'd normally expect form me, but it's so easy to get kitschy with toys that i thought it'd be better to approach it with more of a design mentality.

both were a lot of fun to do, despite its challenges.



marcus said...

was that bear white when they gave it to you? it's so cool... like u carved it out of wood

t e s s a r * said...

yeah the bear was white vinyl and kind of weird to paint. maybe i'm just not accustomed to toys?

Anonymous said...

But the Yoka bear has just appeared like wood craft cutie now. I think you did a good job, Tessar.

Yuta said...

the bear turned out so nice tessar. great job! keroppi

dorothy. said...

that's really nice work! awsome carving and oh-so-cute!!!

t e s s a r * said...

hey dorothy, it's not a wood carving, i just painted the wood texture- but thanks!