Tuesday, May 20, 2008

some goings ons.

firstly, a big thanks to all of you who have bought some of my gocco prints- your support is always greatly appreciated. there are still some left, so if you've been considering getting some- let me know.

the early summer here has been pretty busy. the guys have been preparing work for the artwalk in culver city and a bunch of other group shows around. the heat is definitely taking its toll on the work motivation, but all in all we know what needs to get done around here.

scott in the middle of shaving all of his hair off.

we have also been blessed to have two really talented interns all the way from sheridan college in ontario, canada. yuta and nimit have been a big help around the studio and definitely keep things fresh around here.

other than that, it's been the same ol' daily grind and the occasional gallery-hopping on the weekends. it's been real! here are some pictures, i'm going to limit them- since it's already turning into a huge picture post.

a field trip to the hammer museum to see the phenomenal kara walker exhibit.

...then to the new BCAM at LACMA.

on another day, evening rather, a team of us did some gallery-hopping.

erika and beau at cerasoli gallery, love the face deb is making in the back.

at the last stop of the scion installation tour, yosk and j. shea pose in front of their pieces.

the mel kadel piece that blew me away.

l-r: nimit, jack, scott, yuta, edwin and erika.

the interns working their magic.

...and other than that, life goes on in the moonlit city.



Anonymous said...

That guy that was shaving his head is handsome, I believe his art is like a kick in the shins.

JuanCarlos said...

wowowowow I miss those guys